Strinz Creative is owned and operated by me, J. Charles (Chuck) Strinz.

The company has a split history.

My earliest work as an advertising copywriter dates to the fall of 1969, when I was in high school. I wrote and produced several radio commercials for Farmers & Merchants Bank in Milford, Nebraska, that featured the voices of other high school students located in various nearby towns.

After working a few years in radio, I finished college at the University of Illinois Chicago with a BA in English. I worked full time at a Chicago ad agency (Keroff & Rosenberg), then shifted to a live-in freelance position at K&R while pursuing my MFA in Filmmaking and Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1979, then worked full time at a couple of ad agencies before returning to freelance work in 1982. That was the year I bought a modem. The modem led to the split in the organization.

While continuing to freelance, I set up my first online business in 1983. The Financial Update Network, Inc., collected and distributed home mortgage data to real estate professionals, first using one Osborne computer, then an innovative network built around a Local Area Network and sharing a hard drive with storage of a whopping 10 Megs!  Wow!

The mortgage business evolved into the Gizmode Data Bank, probably the first multiuser microcomputer Bulletin Board Service in the Upper Midwest -- and certainly one of the most influential. It was originally designed to support a client's radio program about "home computers," then for my own Gizmode radio program in 1986. Gizmode was heard on AM in the Twin Cities area, and over most of North America via KSAT, a pioneering satellite radio station.

Copywriting combined with consulting for a wide range of small and huge businesses that were interested in exploring online communications long before the World Wide Web was created. Eventually, the consulting business was split off to form SFB, LLC. Shortly after my son was born, I sold my share of the business to my partners. I dropped out to "do a John Lennon," i.e., stay home with my two kids while writing and creating neat new things.

Today, I maintain a few Web sites, write occasional ad copy and commercials, and generally enjoy myself. My focus, though, is on producing programs for PBS television stations. The first was Back On The Mississippi (see the link at the left), which ran in about 30 markets nationwide. I am currently working on a program about small and unusual museums in Minnesota.

For more information, check out the links at the left. If anything intrigues you and you would like to know more -- particularly if you need a writer who delivers on interesting projects -- please contact me at your convenience.

Chuck Strinz